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By: Ann Redus (UTSA)

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Knowing when it’s time to leave a relationship that seems as though it’s had its run is difficult to determine for some, but these are the signs to look out for. If you are currently in a relationship where you are experiencing one or more of the following, it’s time to go. 

1. The Only Thing Going For Them Is Their Looks

Beauty is only skin deep and good looks should be one  in a series of desirable attributes a person has. You need beauty and brains. If you are with someone simply because they’re easy on the eyes, you might want to, A) not be so shallow, and B) find a person with more qualities than just a nice face and hot bod!

2. They’re Negative

Nothing is worse than a Debbie Downer. If you have goals and aspirations that you share with your partner that are constantly shot down, it’s time to go. Having a negative person in your life will only create toxicity and it’s exhausting to try and make a negative person have a better attitude. Use that time and energy for moving on!

3 They Have Poor Hygiene

This should speak for itself. It usually takes a while to realize if person has poor hygiene around the house and what not, but you can ALWAYS tell right off the bat if they don’t brush their teeth or shower. Stay away from the stinkies.

4. You Find Yourself In a Routine

You wake up, give them a kiss, work, come home, cook dinner, give them a kiss, and go to sleep. Same thing, different day… have spontaneity in a relationship is critical to keeping things exciting and fun. Life is short and time is on your side, go out there and get a partner who keeps you on your feet!

5. You Don’t Share Similar Goals

You want to settle down and have kids, but your partner hates children and wants to travel the world. Not saying that either of those goals is bad, but the fact that you aren’t on the same page is a problem. The chances of one of you giving up what you want in order to please the other is slim. Find someone who wants the same or similar goal to those of your own. It makes things much easier in the long run.

6. You Partner Lacks Ambition

Now, not sharing goals is unfortunate, but not having goals entirely is tragic. You can’t be in a relationship where one of you is going places and the other isn’t. Being motivated is a turn on for men and women, and sitting on the couch all day on Facebook or playing video games is a turn OFF.

7. They Are Financially Dependent

Whether they’re dependent on you or their parents, dependency spells out TROUBLE. You can usually detect if a person is dependent by the relationship they have with their parents. If they’re 27 and their parents are still shooting money in their accounts, take that as a warning. When Mommy and Daddy stop the cash flow, they’ll be sucking you dry next.

8. Insecurities Have Gotten The Best Of Them

Being with someone who is insecure is a very hard relationship to handle. No matter how many times you reassure them or the amount of effort you put into comforting them, being insecure is a personal problem that you can’t always change. You’ll probably end up spending more time trying to fix their issues than your own.

9. Your Conversations Are Strictly Practical

You only talk about what’s necessary to go on with your life in the easiest way possible. Things like who is going to take out the dog, wash the dishes, or clean the bathroom. How boring! What you talk about with your partner should include things that are personal to you. How your day was, or if you had a fight with your sibling… you should be able to express yourself on a personal level.

10. You Have No Sex Life

Not having sex in a relationship can be detrimental. I’m sure as people get older the chances of them engaging in sexual activity decreases, but if you’re in your twenties and you’re not having the urge… that usually means you’re not physically attracted. Hate to break it to ya, but not having that chemistry can lead you or your partner to search for other means of satisfaction. Drop it now so you don’t have to later!

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