10 St. Patrick’s Day Shots to Bring Out the Irish in You

st patricks day

St. Patty’s day is right around the corner, so it’s time to let your Irish pride out. To get you in the mood for the festivities, The Campus Socialite has come up with a list of ten of the best St. Patty’s day inspired shots. Even if you’re not Irish, you’ll be feeling the luck of the Irish after these.

1. Irish Whiskey

There’s nothing more Irish than a shot that comes from the motherland. If you’re feeling historic, make it a Michael Collins single malt. For something a little more affordable, go with Jameson or Bushmills. A couple of these shots, and you’ll be feeling like an Irishman in no time.

2. Irish Car Bomb

irish car bomb
The Irish version of the Jäger Bomb, enough said. This shooter is a mix of Irish liquor and whiskey dropped into a glass of the most Irish beer there is, Guinness. This one is for the champion drinkers, and those that like to chug like their lives depend on it. If you’re going to challenge someone to an Irish car bomb, make sure you can handle it.

3. Irish Frog

Similar to the Fruity Irishman, the Irish Frog is a mix of Irish cream and Midori melon. Best of all, it’s a layered green shot. It’s best served chilled, so be prepared for a little drunk brain freeze if taken like an Irish champ.

4. Baby Guinness

baby guiness
Bailey’s Irish cream is a staple in any bar, no matter what time of year. It combines the cream of Irish cows with the whiskey of the Irishman. In short, it is a liquid tribute to Ireland. Fill a shot glass 3/4 of the way with Kahlua and add in the Baileys to give it the feel of the Emerald Isle.

5. Shamrocked

This is one of the easier shots on the list to take, and it’ll leave you feeling like you didn’t even have one. It relies heavily on the Midori Melon liqueur, with a little bit of Irish whiskey to give you a sweet, easy shot to handle. Needless to say, this one is for all the lightweights looking to get hammered with the best on St.Patty’s day, without having to down shots of straight whiskey.

6. Irish Flag

irish flag shot
Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day and the pride of the Irish flag with this layered shot. Though not the best three things to put together, this concoction is Irish pride at it’s most colorful. It’s one part green Creme de Menthe, one part Irish Cream Liqueur, and one part Grand Marnier, all adding up to three parts drunk. This shot is for the specialists to make, and the crazy and strong-stomached to enjoy.

7. Nutty Irishman

This is one of the few shots on the list than can be made into a full willytail. It mixes Irish cream, and the hazelnut blend of Frangelico for a smooth, tasty drink. Perfect for the holiday or any day you’re looking to feel nutty.

8. Irish Cowboy

st patrick day girls
The Irish cowboy combines the best of the Emerald Isle with the best of the USA. It’s one part Baileys, one part Bourbon, and a guaranteed good time. Take one, and bring out the crazy Irishmen and the Southern Gentlemen in you, all at once.

9. Irish Frost

This shot features the Irishman’s best friend, and aforementioned Baileys. Along with the Baileys, this shot mixes in half n half, and surprisingly coconut cream. It’s something of a typical Irish shot, but at the same time very unique. Perfect for those who are looking for something a little different this St. Patrick’s Day.

10. Dirty Irish Whiskey

irish drunk
The name says it all. This shot is another one for a champ, because it is essentially, a shot of straight whiskey but with a little bit of Baileys thrown in. Think you can get down and dirty with the Irishmen? Then this is the shot for you!

Those are just 10 of the tons of different Irish drink combination. If you’re feeling creative, channel your inner Irishman and make your own up. Regardless, have fun, wear your green proud, and drink the stuff that only an Irishmen can handle…or just an honorary one for the day.


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