For the sake of this article let’s look at college like a fantasy football draft.  You go into the draft knowing that LaDainian Tomlison will be a solid contributor, Adrian Peterson is going to have a monster year, and Tom Brady will put up staggering numbers, but those players are not the only ones that win you the crown.  It is the sleeper players, the lower profile players who outperform expectations and contribute more then you ever could have imagined.  Those are the ones who make your team special.

On College Campuses, there are many things that fly under the radar and are underrated by College Students.  Recently, we presentedfyou with the 10 things that college students make overrated.  Today, we have a very special and informative list for your viewing pleasure.  We are about to rock your world….

#10 – Morning Sex

After the alcohol has worn off, the bar music stops humming in your head, and as your about to wake up with a hangover, what better way to start your day then a passionate morning sex session.  Listen kids, it takes some skill to get a girl back in the sack after a night of partying, but the real art form is whether you can get her to hop on for round two in the morning…. once she sobers up.


#9 – Cute Girls On Your Dorm Floor

Having cute girls on your dorm room floor is like always having the opportunity to throw a Hail Mary to win the game before time expires.  If you have been striking out all night at the bars, you get once last chance to bring someone back to your room to “watch a movie.”  And do not even think about giving that, “it will get awkward excuse.”  Bang as many coeds as you possibly can on your floor, because after freshman year is over, you probably won’t ever hang out with them again anyways.


#8 – Brunch

Think you’re too cool for brunch?  After a long night of partying try to tell me a bucket of iced coffee, eggs benedict, some orange juice, bacon, bacon and more bacon doesn’t sound simply marvelous.  The tools that think they’re too cool for brunch can eat their peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the couch are the ones who lose out while us Campus Socialites are scouting our next project at noon.  Girls do brunch, which means you guys should do brunch, because that’s where the girls are.


#7 – Downy Wrinkle Releaser

You owe me for this one.  Go to the store, buy Downy Wrinkle Releaser, and you will never have to iron again.  I never leave home with out this magical potion.


#6 – George Foreman Grill

Who doesn’t like BBQ’ing in their room in the middle of winter? Thanks to Big George we can cook like its summer even if were stuck in the middle of a snow storm. Burgers, dogs, chicken, veggies, even everyone’s favorite grilled cheese are all part of the Foreman experience. Easy cleanup is always a plus too.


#5 – Quarters (drinking game)

Easily one of the most overlooked drinking games, quarters is the perfect game whether it be a Thursday night pre-game or Saturday morning tailgate. This overlooked lush sport gets you hammered quick, involves a ton of people, and doesn’t make you wait on a list for the pong table all night. There a multiple ways to play this game, but no matter what make sure you incorporate it into your drinking regimen.


#4 – 3 Ply Toilet Paper

Only chumps wipe with the sandpaper style garbage that colleges put in their dorm bathrooms.  Write that down.  Once you go 3 ply, you will never go back.  The proper strategy is that you will keep a roll of 3 ply in your dorm room that you bring with you to the bathroom when you are hit with a code brown situation.  Let the haters hate, they might ridicule you for walking down the hall with a roll of toilet paper, but you will have the last laugh.


#3 – 5 AM McDonald’s Breakfast

If your going to 5 am Mcdonald’s breakfast it probably means you didn’t get any tail that night.  And if that is the case, what a way to cheer you right back up.  And if you were able to perform the hit it and quit maneuver and were out by 5 am, then god bless you and enjoy your McGriddle Sandwich.


#2 – Teacher’s Pet

In high school it was totally uncool and annoying to be the teacher’s pet. It is a whole different ball game in college. The best way to do less work and get higher grades is to kiss a little professor ass. Pride is a crutch, stay after class, bring an apple, maybe even take notes in class, whatever it takes, but a little ass kissing can go along way.

#1 – Road Trips

Road trips to other colleges are some of the best times you can have during your time at school. I know it doesn’t sound great to drive crazy hours to sleep on couches, but trust us, if you hit the schools on their best weekends then your in for an awesome time (just ask our friend Tyler R. Spaulding, this guy has made a career out of it).  And if you’re worried about not knowing what weekends are the right ones to hit certain campuses, worry no more, that’s where The Campus Socialite comes in. We will make sure you know when and where you must be at all times. Party on!

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