10 Things You Should Never Do On Facebook

Facebook has snagged Instagram for a reported $1 billion. That’s a lot of fucking dough. Since Facebook was in the news, we figured it was the perfect time to vent about things that piss us off with the website. Don’t get us wrong we love the company more than anyone else. Here at Campus Socialite we regularly share with you funny ass photos and cool shit. In fact, we’re probably on Facebook more than actually working which a lot of you can probably attest to. The problem is some people don’t use Facebook correctly. We’re sorry in advance if you’re one of those people, but maybe you will learn to be a little more considerate of everyone else. In honor of the company’s first acquisition, here are 10 things that we “unlike” about some Facebook users.

10. Invitations to promotional parties by “friends” you’re not actually “friends” with.

9. Self portraits of guys getting their tan on or shirtless bro’s. If that’s how you roll go read Brobible.

8. What you listen to on Spotify. Why broadcast to the rest of the world how much you love Nickelback?

7. Protests- Nobody’s trying to Occupy Wall Street or start a revolution (unless your in Egypt)

6. Baby photos- No matter how gross the baby looks, you’re obligated to write a comment about how cute the kid is. Until they can talk… nobody gives a shit.

5. Writing on your wall that someone close to you has died. Not trying to be insensistive, but don’t you think there’s a better place to relay some sad news like Twitter? Look if a celebrity dies, it’s cool to be one of the first to have breaking news. But when a family member of yours passes away, it’s fucking depressing as hell. You’re probably suffering already, so why make me suffer with your shitty news as well?

4. Invitations to anything ending in the word Ville.

3. Girls still in middle school who think they’re sexy and post pictures. Not a believer in the philosophy, “Old enough to pee, old enough for me.” Don’t provide provocative pictures of yourself at the age of 14. It’s not cool especially if you’re my best friend’s sister. Now at 14 and a half, post away.

2. On again-off again relationship statuses. We all know someone who doesn’t know what to technically call their relationship. They either try acting clever by posting, “it’s complicated” or change their status as if it was their profile pic. Make a decision already Dwight Howard.

1. How depressing your life is because of school or your job. Sometime life sucks, deal with it. You don’t here me complaning about my hemorrhoids.