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The economy has dudes cutting back on nights out, splitting tabs, staying local, and asking girls on “walking” dates.   But do you have to look like chumps?

Promoter David Jaffee and hot chick

Heavy-hitting New York nightlife promoter and model/celebrity wrangler (read: he brings the party) David Jaffee talks how to get more bang for your buck if you got game.  He’s worked with top spots from Tenjune to Cain and Pink Elephant.

DJ Reach, formerly of New York’s Marquee, now spins at model-magnet Avenue and Vegas’s Tao and Lavo.  He controls the action – and tells how to get some of your own. Use his insider tips before you go lookin’ a fool.

1. Shut Your Mouth Less is more. Asking too many questions of the doorman, explaining too much, or trying too hard diminishes your value by the second.  Like girls who know whether they’ll sleep with you in 30 seconds, a doorman knows within 10.   Now it comes down to whether you’ll open your mouth to change that.

DJ Reach spins New York and Vegas

At the door of a club or lounge, be direct and do not fumble over your words. Practice what you’re going to say.  “People often get embarrassed and take themselves out of the game by thinking too much,” says Jaffee.

P.S. It helps to have mommy or daddy’s credit card.   Don’t roll up in packs of dudes.  And have a girl with you, even if she’s a just friend.  Let’s face it: she should be hot.

2. Now’s Your Time

College guys and young I-bankers are seen as “amateurs” in this biz, making up 10 to 15% of a top venue’s crowd in a good economy.  But clubs are hurtin’ now, and even amateur money may help the doorman overlook your shady ass, bringing your demo up to 20 to 25%. Doors are more lenient. So act fast: your money will now be accepted.

3. Divide and Conquer

In college, it’s OK roll up with 5 to 10 of your bros at a party.  At a club, it’s divide and conquer. Hang with two to three guys max.  Separate yourself and catch a woman alone, that girl who didn’t come in with a promoter and is sitting at his table.  Catch the girl who’s buying her own drinks.  Use that couple bucks in your pocket. She’s expecting an overconfident douche to grab her hand while she’s walking to the bathroom.  Don’t be that guy.

4. Watcha’ Say

At a low-key bar, just because you can hear each other doesn’t mean you should talk – much.  Act like you’re exciting and live a great life while being funny.  Most importantly, don’t talk too much. The more she talks the more she’ll like you. Actions shape feelings, so get her to act like she’s interested and she may actually do it.

“The key to getting the girl – and even being a boyfriend – is to listen,” says Reach. If she says she’s from Crooklyn, elaborate and give her your best BK story without being too cheesy.

5.  ‘Love In This Club’

Um. People have sex on the dance floor without even knowing each other’s names.  So get moving. Jaffee advises all guys to view pro dance videos on YouTube and dance in front of a mirror while viewing and correcting themselves.  Model-types especially dig good dancers since they’re usually club veterans.

6. Beat the Stereotype

College guys are known for just wanting sex. But simply calling a girl or texting her the next day is enough to separate you from most guys. Invite her to things that you build up (i.e., “Come thru babe. I’ll make sure you’ll have a great time.”) then putting forth some effort when she actually arrives will separate you.

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