100 Years of Fashion, Broken Down Into Two Minutes (Video)


By far one of the most intriguing videos I have seen in awhile. From early 1900’s up to 2011, check out this video as it gives us a glance at fashion and choreography for every single era leading up to our own age of fashion, unfortunately the one with all the hipsters. We’ve even provided you a second by second breakdown to follow along, so you can know each period being portrayed by the second. Pay attention, Socialites. Hint: your lettered sweatshirt, and Levis Jeans didn’t make it.

Decade/Dance Broken down to the second:

0:07 Early 1910’s / 0:17 Late 1910’s / 0:23 1920’s / 0:32 Early 1930’s / 0:38 Late 1930’s / 0:43 1940’s / 0:45 Early 1950’s / 0:48 Late 1950’s to early 1960’s / 0:54Late 1960’s / 0:57 1970’s / 1:02 Early 1980’s / 1:06 Early 1990’s / 1:11 Late 1990’s /1:15 Early 2000’s / 1:22 Mid 2000’s / 1:28 Late 2000’s / 1:34 Contemporary —— Keep in mind the years keep jumping back and forth, so these are approximate values. Outfits are chronological by first appearance.
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