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Guest Post By: B.Z., KoldCast.TV

We all love underwear. And we’ve all read about the multi-million diamond-studded underthings from Victoria’s Secret that nobody actually buys. I mean, the gals and guys in our new porn industry series, “Blue Movies”, are classy, but not extravagant. That said, they may soon be able to afford some of these lofty undergarments if they keep being so damn hot. But seriously, who buys this stuff? What ever happened to Fruit Of The Loom? Seemed sexy enough for us. Then again, we’re used to only having to look at underwear for maybe five seconds, tops. We’re efficient. Here are just some of  Koldcast.TV‘s 11 of the most ridiculously priced undergarments on the market today that people actually snatch up.

1. La Perla Aphrodite Skirted Bustier – $509

What the hell is this thing? Not even for our wedding night would we spring for such a garment. Well, maybe if this was the bride in question.

2. Agent Provocateur Maddy Brief – $190

That’s just for the panties in this ensemble, folks. Nice photograph though, isn’t it?

3. Oakley CarbonX Boxer Shorts – $100

No words for you guys. $100 for boxers? Just stop it.

See 8 more pairs of priceless panties at KoldCast.TV’s official blog.

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