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11 Ways for Ladies to Look Good for Less this Summer

By: Mia Smith (Florida State University)

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The spring semester is over and summer is here, leaving us ladies wondering just how we’re going to be able to look good this summer on a college budget. Here are 11 tips to help you out.

1) Let Your Hair Dry in the Air- Put away blow dryers for the summer and let your natural locks show! Just-out-of-the-pool hair is in this year, which means a little messy, and a little wavy. You can achieve the perfect natural look without a bunch of sprays and gels- just be natural!

2)Kool-Aid Locks- All the fashion magazines are buzzing with slightly faded crazy hair colors. A good way to achieve this is by doing the same thing you used to do when you played rock-star dress-up back in elementary school. Or, buy a bit of cheap hair dye from your local drugstore. Just make sure that when you dye your hair you are safe about it and follow all of the directions.

3) SPF is Spiffy- Find a cheap foundation at your local drugstore to use as your “beach” foundation. Be sure it feels light on your skin, matches your skin color, and contains sunscreen. You’ll be looking beautiful and protecting your skin! Makeup with SPF is also usually gentler on your face than many sunscreens that can be very oily and cause you to break out.

4) Nice Nails- Some nail polish sells for as low as fifty cents or a dollar a bottle. Use that extra time you’re not studying for exams to paint your nails a bright, fun, summer color!

5) New Do- The summer is an opportune time to try out that new short hair you’ve been curious about. It’ll look cute and feel comfortable in the warm weather. To save money, try cutting your hair yourself, having a friend cut it, or checking out the local beauty school.

6) Be a Tee-se- Take those old T-shirts and cut them into sexy tanks to wear over your beach clothes or to the gym!

7) Cut-off Jeans- Always a summer staple, take those old jeans and cut them into a cute pair of booty-showing shorts. Save the fabric you cut off and turn it into other things like purses, totes, lampshades, etc…

8) Work It at the Car Wash- Wash your car, your parents cars, your friends cars…it’s a lot of fun, an excuse to spend time with people (or alone, if you need to get away), and will help you work on that tan! ]

9) Walk the Dog- So, maybe this seems like a chore, but just remember that your pooch is one of your best friends! While you’re walking, you be bronzed by the sun, as well as helping yourself stay fit. Both of which will give you an awesome glow.

10) Shape Your Eyebrows- Shaping your eyebrows just a bit differently can help give you a whole new look…and the best part is, it’s free! You just need a pair of tweezers and you’re good to go. You might want to check out some tips and examples online, though, if it’s something you’ve never done yourself before.

11) Be Confident!- Okay, so you hear it all the time, but it’s true! There’s no better way to look good than to be confident about yourself.

Good luck, socialites!

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