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The irony about shopping is – no matter how many times I go to the mall, I seem to never come back with basic items I need.  I am constantly in need of comfortable long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, but I never feel like buying them because they are just too plain.  Until now.  Purple Tree, a street wear company, makes such basic items for your wardrobe, but with an edge, making them spend-worthy.  While you may want to buy these clothes, you might not have to – GrubLife and Campus Socialite are giving away some Purple Tree shirts for FREE.

Purple Tree Shirts

Purple Tree is a street wear company that originated in an interesting fashion.  Sarah Nathanson, an alumna of University of Michigan’s Art and Design School, created this line of tees, long sleeve shirts, and hooded sweatshirts for her senior thesis project.  This line of soft, light weight clothing quickly gained popularity throughout the university’s campus, and soon spread.

The thesis project grew exclusively by word of mouth into the business it is today.  Sarah Nathanson designed the clothing line to be comfortable and fashionable no matter what you are doing.  The clothing line’s versatility is meant to embody timeless pieces while fitting the fashionable consumer perfectly.

Purple Tree now offers more unique pieces exclusively through its online store, ranging from hand-stitched hoodies to uniquely silk-screened pieces.

Get one of these pieces for Free today.  GrubLife and The Campus Socialite are giving away 2 female t-shirts and 2 male t-shirts for FREE from Purple Tree.  All you have to do is fill in the blank on the status of either GrubLife‘s or The Campus Socialite‘s fan pages on Facebook.

Here is the status for today:

“Decks the halls with boughs of______”

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