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12 Female Movie Characters Who Used Sex to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Guest Post By: Steven Novak, KoldCast.TV

Things have always been tougher out there for women than men. Women have had to fight for the right to vote, the right to attain the same jobs as men and the right to earn comparable salaries. Although society is getting very close to reaching true equality between men and women, it has taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there. To this day, some women continue to use somewhat “unconventional” methods in order to make their dreams a reality. As in KoldCast TV’s The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else for instance, a liberal, lesbian journalist hooks up with a conservative, rich man and transforms herself into a glitter-wearing, Cosmo-reading, straight girl to finance her dream project. And that’s one way to go. Another, far more classic direction to take, though not necessarily recommended, is to sleep with the higher-ups. In recognition of the ladies out there who will do whatever it takes to reach the top, here’s a few female characters in film that used sex to climb the corporate ladder.  Enjoy this small taste and then head over to KoldCast.TV’s official blog to see the rest of these women who drop their pants to build their career.


Lawrence Kasdan’s 1981 thriller not only lives up to its title, but it also launched the career of a painfully sexy Kathleen Turner. Turner stars as Matty, the wife of a rich guy that starts up an affair with a sleazy lawyer. Turner and the lawyer proceed to plan the husband’s murder in order to take control of his wealth. Matty has absolutely no qualms about taking the horizontal route to riches, and in the end it works. When the dust clears and the plot twists are revealed, Matty finds herself “rich and living in an exotic land.”


Released in 1994 and directed by Barry Levinson, Disclosure stars Michael Douglas as a software executive that gets passed over for a promotion, which instead goes to a former girlfriend played by Demi Moore. How did Demi get that promotion? On her back. Wait, no… maybe it was on top. The character of Meredith seems much more like an “on the top” sort of girl. Anyway, the plot deepens further when a sexual harassment suit is filed (by Douglas), and the plot twists multiply.


Based on the best-selling novel of the same name and starring none other than Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford, 1990’s Presumed Innocent centers around the death of a woman named Carolyn Polhemus. Carolyn was an up-and-comer in the Kindle County D.A.’s office before she was found in a pool of her own blood. An investigation soon follows and before long, it’s revealed that Carolyn was working her way up the ladder, thanks in no small part to her willingness to drop her britches. She paid for it with her life though.

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