What is it about a swimming pool that makes the moderately-sexy so much sexier? Is it because when you’re swimming you are most-likely half-naked, and when you’re half-naked you’re already half-way to sex? Whatever the reason, Hollywood has long had a love affair with sex ,and even more so when that sex involves a pool. Hot tub lovin’, teen pool party angst, late night skinny-dipping – there are any number of opportunities to add a sexy swim into a story. Take the case of KoldCast TV’s teen drama series Palisades Pool Party for instance. The Show is all about the drama that unfolds on the day of an elite pool party where anything goes.

All said, in memory of Summer 2010, we’re going to take a dip into 12 of the sexiest pool scenes in movie history.

Denise Richards and Neve Campbell making out in Wild Things

#1 Sexiest Pool Scene – Phoebe Cates Emerges From The Pool

1982’s Fast Times at Ridgemont High is undoubtedly one of the most revered coming-of-age teen comedies ever put to film; and for the most part it deserves the accolades. The film follows the lives of several students at the fictional Ridgemont High over the course of one academic year. Judge Reinhold spends the entire film trying to figure out how to end a long-time relationship. Jennifer Jason Leigh loses her virginity. And habitual stoner, Sean Penn, goes one-on-one with the nefarious Mr. Hand. However, of all the memorable moments in this extremely memorable movie, one stands above the rest. It involves the bite-your-knuckles-sexy Phoebe Cates, a swimming pool, and a disappearing bikini top.

#2 Sexiest Pool Scene – Denise Richards and Neve Campbell Make Out 

1998’s John McNaughton-directed Wild Things is a mostly-forgettable thriller about a high school guidance counselor, played by Matt Dillon, whose life is turned upside down when he’s accused of raping two students. In truth though, no one cared about the plot in 1998, and no one cares about it today. Wild Things was famous when it was released, and has endured to this day for a single reason – the hot, hot, lesbian sex. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell swap spit on more than a few occasions over the course of the film, get themselves involved in a three-way, and even decide to delve into some heavy petting in a swimming pool.

#3 Sexiest Pool Scene – Jessica Biel Flashes Her Headlights

It’s unlikely that most people have ever even heard of the 2001 romantic comedy Summer Catch. The film stars Freddie Prinze Jr. as a local baseball prospect who gets an opportunity to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League while dreaming of one day earning his shot in the major leagues. He falls in love with a girl whose family is vacationing in the area, and that’s pretty much it. It’s a crummy flick, except for the fact that Jessica Biel spends a fair amount of time in the movie in various states of undress. During one scene she struts around in a very Phoebe Cates-esque bikini, and in another scene she strips down to her panties in the rain and decides to go for a swim.

Get splashed by some more sex-fueled pool scenes now at KoldCast.TV’s official blog.

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