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The last four bids for TCS’s Ultimate Pledge Class have been given out, rush is officially over and now its time to see who is true TCS material. Check out the last four bids we gave out, this pledge class is going to go down in history and take the campus by storm.

The Athlete- Derek Jeter

Pledge Name- Deuce

Mariah Carey, Joy Enriquez, Lara Dutta, Jordana Brewster, Vanassa Minnillo, Adriana Lima, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johanson, Vida Guerra, Jessica Biel. Need we say more? The Captain has it pretty good and that’s after he leaves the diamond. ¬†Plus the four World Series rings, ten All Star Game appearances, three Gold Gloves, millions in contract and endorsements, and title of “The Man in the Big Apple” never hurt. Jeter is that guy that will always be down for a quick pickup game, he a beast when it comes to the physical aspect of pledging, and can hold his own late night at the bars. All around great pledge material.

The Alcoholic- Kiefer Sutherland

Pledge Name- Chloe

Larger than life action hero, professional badass and an itch for the sauce. We knew of Sutherland’s reputation but it really went over the top when we saw him make a funnel out of a double cheeseburger wrapper and three toothpicks, don’t ask me how but it worked like a charm. He is probably going to be the best pledge brother out of the twelve, considering he figures out a way to avoid death every hour and quite frankly I am kind of scared to haze him. That’s the Sutherland we all know and love, but what about when he hangs out with his good friends Jack Daniel’s and Jose Cuervo? Judging by the DUI and the bar fight (in which he head butted someone, bad ass move) Kiefer will be that pledge that somehow is always drunk and always has that shady stash of booze hidden around the frat house.

The Rich Kid- Mark Zuckerberg

Pledge Name- Stalker

You all love Facebook right? Seeing all those drunk pictures from last night and sending your friends cool things like a virtual tequila shot… so awesome. Well we decided to give a bid to the creator. Zuckerberg was a normal college kid, maybe a bit of a nerd, but normal for the most part. He’s that guy that you will always be able to count on, you know like when you need an orange Gatorade from the vending machine and you have no money left on your card. Call him what you will – rich kid, money bags, cake eater, but we know Zuckerberg will become an animal during the pledge program. Plus you know he will always pay his dues on time and he could take the entire fraternity to Cabo for formal.

The Party Guy- Corey Worthington

Pledge Name- Shades

If you don’t know who Corey Worthington is you have been missing out. By far my favorite internet celebrity, Worthington not only threw one of the best parties down under but gave the best interview I have ever seen. Like any teenager does when their parents go away, Worthington threw a kick ass party with over 500 people that shook the neighborhood up beyond belief. This kid has social chair written all over him and even dresses like he’s going to a theme mixer. Worthington is a throw back to the good old days of partying and judging by the way he treated the interviewer you can tell he will fit right in with all the sorority girls.

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