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When my girlfriend first told me that she desperately needed a pair of “Yoga Pants,” I don’t know what I was picturing. Little did I know, Yoga Pants would officially become my favorite piece of female clothing in the world. Lucky for us, Society dictates that girls look as hot as humanly possible wherever they happen to be. So when the Yoga craze hit America hard, God invented Yoga Pants. They may be called Yoga Pants but it wasn’t long before girls started wearing them all the time. Worn in the supermarket, or even out to the bar, they make certain statements: I exercise, I am in touched with my spirituality, but mainly, my ass needs a good pounding. For today’s Hot Girl Gallery, we bring you 20 Hot Girls in Yoga Pants. It will make you wanna give up your gym membership and start practicing some Downward Dog.

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