20 Sexy Pictures of Cowboys & Aliens Hottie Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde

This may be our hottest gallery yet, Socialites. That’s because Olivia Wilde, with her blue eyes, killer body, and her lack of shyness we’ll call it, make her one of the hottest girls in media. Since the Monday Hot Girl Gallery became my official responsibility, I’ve been praying for a reason to do an Olivia Wilde gallery and finally I have one. It’s too early to tell, but Cowboys and Aliens looks like it’s going to be epic, and Olivia Wilde doesn’t make me wanna see it any less. Her roles in movie and tv have so far been reduced to token hot girl who’s willing to show some skin, but damn does she play it well. So get yourself, and every other part of you excited with our 20 Hot Pictures of Olivia Wilde. You’re Welcome.

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