20 Hot Pictures of Sexy Newlywed, Kim Kardashian (Gallery)

 Kim Kardashian

There’s a lot of not so nice things to say about Kim Kardashian, and I feel obligated to preface this article by saying that. I’ve unfortunately been up at night, half-drunk and lonely, and unfortunately had nothing better to watch on TV than her and her sisters walking around in bikinis, and it was painful. But talentless, spoiled, stupidiy aside, Kim Kardashain is Hot as Fuck. This weekend the entire country was buzzing over her marriage to Kris Humphries, but trending on the web is nothing new for Princess Kim. She’s hot, controversial, and filthy rich, all the required qualities of an A-list celebrity. You may not give a shit who and when Kim Kardashian marries, but what we know you appreciate is some good old hot pictures. So, for today’s Hot Girl Gallery, we bring you 20 Hot Pictures of Kim Kardashian. You’re Welcome.

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