20 Hot Pictures of Underworld’s Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has been around for what seems like forever, but is it just me who just realized how drop dead gorgeous she is. Judging by the Google Images search that lead to this gallery, Kate gets paid buttloads of money for the occasional movie and then a whole lot of laying on couches. Considering I’ve never been more jealous of a couch before, that money is well warranted.

Kate is starring in the up and coming Underworld: Awakening as the gun-toting, human slaying, vampire Selene. Let’s be clear her, you would have to buy my ticket, popcorn, soda, and personally give me a deep tissue massage for the entire duration of the movie to get me to sit through it under any other circumstances. But for close to 2 hours of Kate Beckinsale, I might be able to swallow my pride. As Seth Rogen said last night at the Golden Globes, whilst standing not 2 feet away from her, “My name is Seth Rogen, and I am currently concealing a massive erection.” We’re with you buddy.


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