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By: Tim Handorf, Best Online Colleges

We’ve all heard the jokes about “underwater basket weaving,” but the truth of the matter is that there really are some crazy courses out there for people looking to get their degree online. Some of them are a little outrageous in terms of topic, but others seem to take home learning to the limit with the things they ask you to do without the aid of a physical classroom. Here are just 20 of the more obscure classes you can take.

Flower Essence Therapy

Offered through the Stonebridge Associated Colleges in the U.K., this course deals with “life force” that’s harvested from a flower, preserved as a liquid, and used in holistic healing practices. Used in aroma and physical therapy treatments.

Ogham Divination

Another one from Stonebridge Associated Colleges, this online class deals with the medieval alphabet Ogham and the way those letters are related to trees (really) and how they can help you divine meaning and purpose in your life.

Dealing Tactfully With Difficult People

The University of California, Irvine, has an online class all about dealing with, well, jerks. Ranging from “manipulators” to “chronic complainers,” difficult people are grouped into categories as students learn the best way to deal with them and boost their own confidence.

Holistic Beauty Therapist

More than just physical therapy, this class from Stonebridge Associated Colleges touches on massage, aroma therapy, and diet and nutrition as ways to help students learn to instruct future clients about all types of beauty.


Believe it or not, you can learn to be a carpenter with a computer. Penn Foster Career School has a course covering everything from window frames to floor construction. Just ask your roommate’s permission before knocking over a wall.

Private Investigator

This class from Penn Foster Career School lets you learn the methods of investigation and pursuit used by real private investigators, all from the comfort of your home.

Pet Groomer

Want to learn how to professionally groom someone’s pet? Then this Penn Foster Career School course is for you. Although you’ll able to study remotely, it’s not clear if you have to provide a sample pet to groom.


If you love firearms and want to turn that into a job, Penn Foster Career School has an online course dedicated to the history and care of guns.

Reading the Landscape

The University of Georgia offers an online class dedicated to “perceiving and interpreting the landscape,” which covers everything from uses of landscape in works of art to the design and use of maps.

Introduction to Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Students interested in making a career out of the tourism and recreation industries should check out this online class offered through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Believe it or not, it’s possible to take a distance learning course about yoga, thanks to the Stonebridge Associated Colleges. Techniques include breathing, stretching, and exercising with a focus on balance and calmness.

Sports Turf and Lawn Management

The University of Georgia’s online course on sports turf and lawn management is pretty much what it sounds like. Students are taught how to manage turfgrass areas for careers in recreational fields like the golf industry.

Theme Park Engineering

ExpertRating, an online certification company, has a course dedicated to teaching students how design theme parks, from ride placement and design to merchandising and food service.

Cruise Ship Crewmember

The online company offers specialized distance learning for students interested in working on a cruise ship, designed to explain and train them in every aspect of helping a crew.

Water Treatment Plant Operation Specialist

Offered through the Office of Water Programs at California State University, Sacramento, this online course is available to students interested in pursuing work in the water and utility field.

Funeral Services

Stratford Career Institute’s class aims to help students learn the business of dealing with the dead. It’s not a pleasant topic for some, but the class can be a great way to forward your career if you’re interested in the industry.

Science from Superheroes to Global Warming

The University of California, Irvine, offers this course as a way to illustrate real-world physical principles through fictional examples using superheroes. So if you ever wanted to get course credit for figuring out how Superman flies, this is the one for you.

Coin Collecting

Going by its official name of “Numismatics,” this online course from the American Numismatic Association teaches students about different rare and valuable coins, how to collect and store them, and more.

Online Teaching

How’s this for going down the rabbit hole: The University of California, San Diego, offers an online course about designing and implementing online courses. Students learn how to instruct others via distance learning programs.

Zombies in Popular Media

If you’ve noticed more zombie movies and books in recent years, you’re not alone. This Columbia College course explores the history of zombie entertainment and the changes since its inception. Course material includes comic books, too.

Mushroom Growing

ELearnUK offers a variety of obscure courses, but this classs about mushroom growing takes the cake. Learn how to have a home mushroom garden by using a growing kit.

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