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The NFL wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson, certainly knows how to talk the talk. Unfortunately for football, he also walks the walk. Today, Chad Ochocinco will tryout for the Kansas City based Sporting KC of the MLS. Due to the lockout, NFL players have the right to do pretty much whatever the fuck they want, and Ochocinco of all people, is the wrong person to give that kind of freedom. Speaking of freedom to do whatever you want, Chad is also the operator of one of the most famous Twitter pages in sports. Whether it be football, his grandma, Broadway shows, or cranberry-Redbulls, Ochocinco pretty much covers it all. So for your next installment, here’s Chad Ochocinco’s Wackiest Tweets! Enjoy Socialites.

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Break Time With Evylyn Lozada (Ochocinco’s Hot Wife)

evylyn lozada

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