Whether located across town or hundreds of miles away, it is not too soon to start thinking about special gifts for college students. From high-tech products to more traditional items enhanced with a little creativity, the possibilities are numerous. Personalize gifts with a holiday photo card to add a touch of home.

New Headphones


While many of today’s gadgets come with an inexpensive pair of earbuds, we would appreciate a set of quality headphones that eliminate the typical noise that emanates from an exhuberant roommate or dorm parties. As we get a little more quiet, the devices also serve to spare our roommates from the noise of going over recorded notes while trying to study, listening to music or watching a movie. Noise-cancelling headphones come in many different price ranges and are styled as earbud type devices or comfortable over-the-ear options.

Extended USB Hub

The majority of electronic devices recharge via a USB port. However, whether we work from a desktop PC or a laptop, there are a limited number ports available. The Satachi 10-port USB 3.0 hub offers connectivity with all of the devices that we use everyday. The ports are separated into groups of three with the extra port on the side. Blue LED lights signify when each group is charging. Best of all, the hub plugs right into our PC without needing an external power source. The small, slim style also saves on overall space and offers portability.

USB-rechargeable Battery Pack

Whether at the end of the day or while on the road, at least one of our mobile devices inevitably requires charging. If stuck somewhere without the ability to plug-in, the chance to recharge is slim. A portable battery pack provides us with the perfect solution. Battery packs come in different physical and battery sizes. The portable charger allows us to get a quick partial charge or completely rejuvenate a device.

Mini Coffee Maker

We fully expect that there will be late nights cramming. A mini coffee maker saves us time and trips to the cafeteria. Miniature brewing stations do not require a lot of space, are relatively inexpensive and some come with convenient travel mugs. Programmable models are also great for that first morning cup of coffee as we rush off to class.

Small Care Packages

We truly appreciate care packages that often contain a delightful selection of home-baked treats and small gifts. Consider implementing this concept into a new wallet, purse, backpack or other common portable. Surprise us with a little cash, maybe one or more gift cards to our favorite outlet store and any other treasure that comes to mind.

Favorite Flicks

A selection of blue-ray DVDs, featuring our favorite titles or recently released movies makes an appealing gift. Base the titles around a specific theme or one of our favorite actors. Similarly, parents might consider purchasing us a one year’s subscription to Hulu Plus or Netflix. That way, we can take a break and catch up on past or current TV shows or watch a movie.