LeBron James Dunked On… No Witnesses

Chalk one point up to the Campus Socialites. College student, Xavier sophomore Jordan Crawford, dunked on LeBron James during a pick-up game at a basketball camp, Nike confiscated all video evidence of the posterization and the debate ensued about whether the tapes were taken because they were embarrassing to LeBron or because of a long-standing Nike policy.

Nike is basically saying if you want to see a facial, go to because you are not going to find this LeBron James footage. Now, I am as big of a fan of LeBron as the next guy, he is freak and I think he will end up being the best player to ever live. But over the last few months LeBron has rubbed me the wrong way in a couple instances. When he ran off the court because Dwight Howard and the Magic beat up on his Cavs, he didn’t shake hands and didn’t speak to the media and that was, for lack of a better term, a bitch move. Now he is pulling another cowardly move by not letting Jordan Crawford get his props and let the world see his dunk. So what, a college kid dunked on LeBron, nobody would be talking about it anymore if he just manned up to it and took a little ribbing. But the fact that he is hiding from dealing with it is making everyone want to see it even more. The camera man who caught the video footage did manage to interview Jordan Crawford, and this footage Nike didn’t confiscate.

Michael Jordan once got beat by a Hedge Fund CEO in a game of one-on-one at the legend’s high-end “Flight School” camp in Vegas, circa 2003. Big deal. He took some ribbing from Damon Wayans and laughed it off.

“You get dunked on, you get crossed-over … it all happens.” LeBron should start taking Michael’s advice.

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