3 More Gifts You Should Probably Ask Your ‘Rents for This Holiday Season

So last week I gave you my first three ideas for Holiday gifts, but since the holiday is getting closer, and you’re probably fielding a lot more questions from your parents and relatives about what you want, we thought we’d give you three more ideas of what to ask for. So pop open that Amazon Wish List and let’s get started.


Even though it’s made by Sony and marketed for the PS3, this 3D monitor will work for any HDMI input that you plug into it. The best feature of it though? It’s got Simulview, which means it’s full-screen and split-screen for gaming. Yeah, I know that sounds a little confusing, but what it does is this: using the 3D glasses of player 1 and player 2, the glasses make the entire screen seem like it’s your own screen. You won’t be able to see the other person’s screen, which would completely rule out any drinking games related to screen watching. If you still don’t understand, you can watch this video:

The TV itself is a pretty good size at 24″, and it has two HDMI ports so you can also plug in a second device (like another gaming system or your laptop). You can get it at Amazon for $399, and it comes with a Motorstorm Apocalypse (if you don’t have a ps3 you can sell the game to a friend or trade it for some questionable substances) and a pair of 3D glasses. If you want to get into the whole 3D thing, definitely give this thing a look.


Premium Beer Pong Table

Well, you may not want to necessarily ask the rents for this one, but I’m sure you have a cool Uncle out there who’s trying to re-live his glory days vicariously through you. This Go Pong Premium Beer Pong Table is the regulation 8′ length, and folds into a 2′ x 2′ carrying case so there’s no more hiding that old, wooden piece-of-shit that you have to break in half to hide from your parents. You also don’t have to go to some asshole’s house to find a pong table anymore. Just fold it up and slide it under the bed in your dorm and bust it out to settle disputes with your roommate. Who’s taking the garbage out? Who’s cleaning the love stains off the wall? An awesome game of Beirut will not only decide all disputes fairly, but if you do best of three, then you won’t even give a shit if you lose! Win/win situation.



Okay, the Buckyballs Magnetic Building Spheres have been around for a little while now, but if you don’t have them, then they make for a fucking fantastic small gift for a stocking stuffer. They’re just these small magnetic balls, but you can just keep building shit out of them and you can just spend hours messing around with them. It’s scientific as shit! if you really want to put off writing that paper, studying for math, or making that presentation, procrastinate away and build yourself a pyramid as you pretend that there’s a small race of people that worship you and want to build the greatest monument of all to your greatness. Not that I’ve ever imagined that or anything.

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