3 Responsibilities Every College Student Needs to Keep Track Of

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Going off to college can be an incredibly exciting time. You are finally free from the tyrannical reign of your parents and able to live life exactly as you want to! The only problem is that after leaving home, you probably realized just how much your parents actually did for you. From all the complexities of dental work to basic grocery shopping, you may be wondering how to keep track of your collegiate life. Included here are a few responsibilities you will need to take on when you leave home and how to keep track of them.

Medical Appointments

Perhaps the easiest thing to let fall by the wayside are your medical appointments. Going to the doctor doesn’t seem like a necessity most of the time and you may find yourself slacking off on your teeth cleanings. However, keeping in great health throughout your college career can help keep your brain sharp and help you detect any potential health problems before they become too serious.

Regular check-ups are important for your everyday health and should be scheduled at least once yearly. When moving into a new town, find a doctor that is a preferred provider with your insurance and set up an initial appointment. Getting your first appointment out of the way early on will establish you as a returning patient, so you can be scheduled earlier if a problem arises later on.

While nobody loves going to the dentist, good oral health is critical to your overall health. Schedule your regular cleanings so you can avoid any costly or invasive dental procedures later. Eye appointments are equally important; if your vision starts going south, it is going to be incredibly difficult to read the board and ace your tests! Continue with yearly vision appointments and don’t over wear your contacts.

Grocery Shopping

One of the best things about living at home is going to the fridge and finding food. It seemed like mom and dad always had something to eat on hand. As a newly fledged college student, you may find edibles slightly more difficult to procure. If you fail to go to the grocery store and buy your weekly snacks and mini-fridge items, you could find yourself hurting when you need a midnight snack on campus.

Late night fast food runs won’t do anything to help your brain study and you could find yourself lacking energy during the day. Keep healthful, easy to eat snacks around to stave off hunger and fuel your brain. Great snacks that can fit in your mini-fridge include: string cheese, yogurt, granola bars, trail mix, dried fruits, juice boxes, and protein shakes.


While some college students are lucky enough to have their parents pay their bills for them, you may find yourself fully immersed in the independent lifestyle. By setting up an instant monthly payment from your bank account, you can be sure you never find your phone out of minutes or get stopped by a cop without insurance.


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