3 Things You Should Do To Stay Safe On Campus As A College Student

While college is ideally meant to be a time where you further your education and experience things that will prove to be beneficial to you later on in life, sometimes things on a college campus can get out of hand. With so many young people in such a small area, it’s easy to see how various safety issues can arise that require students to be careful and learn how to best protect themselves. So to help ensure that you don’t run into any trouble or scary situations while you’re going to school, here are three things you should do to stay safe on campus as a college student.

Be Extra Careful At Night

Although you might enjoy spending time by yourself occasionally, you should be careful when doing this at night in your college town. While you might be perfectly safe when other students are walking the halls or strolling down the sidewalks, being on your own could make you a target for nefarious behavior. According to Melissa Darcey, a contributor to Safewise.com, you should try to walk with another person or ask to be escorted by campus security if you’re going to be moving around campus by yourself at night. There’s always safety in numbers, and traveling with another person once the sun goes down can help you stay safe.

Practice Party Safety

At many colleges, there are going to be opportunities for you to attend parties. While you should be drinking before you’re of legal age, it’s still important to know how to stay safe at a party no matter when or where you plan to go to one. According to Zia Sampson, a contributor to CollegeExpress.com, some rules you should following when going to a party include always having a designated driver so you don’t wind up behind the wheel while drunk, as well as never accepting drinks from a stranger. In fact, always opening your own drinks or watching them be made for you is going to be the best way for you to ensure that you’re not consuming something that you didn’t intend.  

Know The Safety Procedures At Your School

Sadly, emergencies can take place at college campuses regardless of what school you’re attending, so it’s important to know what procedures are in place to keep you safe and what you should do if and when an emergency event takes place. According to Jeff Rosen and Joe Enoch, contributors to Today.com, you should save the campus security phone number into your phone so you can report anything that you think looks suspicious as well as get information if there’s an emergency taking place on campus.

If you’re wanting to find ways that you can be safer when on your college campus, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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