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3 Tips for College-Aged Students Preparing To Get Married


No one can plan for when they’re going to fall in love and want to get married. And although it’s much more common to get married at an older age in today’s society, there are still plenty of people who meet someone and fall in love at a very early age, even while they’re still in college. But if you get caught up in the love and laughter of love, you may not be fully aware of challenges you’re getting yourself into when you marry at a young age. So to help you be as prepared as possible and avoid ending up in a divorce lawyer’s office, here are three tips for college-aged students preparing to get married.

Know There Will Be Criticism

Although you may be very happy with the choice you’ve made to get married, there will likely be people who don’t agree with you or think you’re making a mistake. According to Meghan DeMaria, a contributor to, it’s the relationship that you have together that matters, not just how old you are when you tie the knot. And while many of the people who may voice their concerns are doing so out of love for you, if you’re sure about your decision, just be prepared to either defend yourself or let their talk just slide right off your back.

Talk About The Hard Stuff First

To ensure that you’re not going into your marriage blindly, it’s vital that you and your fiance talk about all the hard stuff before you walk down the aisle. While you can work through thing once you’re married, if some kind of red flag presents itself, you’ll be glad you found out before you said “I do”. In fact, this advice goes for whatever age you choose to get married, not just if you’re young. So according to Marcus Geduld, a contributor to the Huffington Post, you both should sit down together and discuss things like finances, children, family, friends, addictions, politics, religion, and other hot-button or dividing topics before your big day arrives.

See If Your Future Goals Align

One way you can know if you and your fiance will continue to grow together or apart as you age into your marriage is by finding out whether the future you picture for yourself is the same type of future your fiance pictures. According to Cassandra Latsios, a contributor to, if your future goals aren’t something that you have in common, you may find it hard to progress together and maintain your individual happiness and your happiness as a couple.

If you plan to get married young and want to safeguard your future with your spouse, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you have a long and happy marriage.


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