3 Tips for Planning Your Next Spring Break Trip

As a college student, there’s little that you look forward to more than spring break. After months of studying hard and stressing about school, work, and your social life, spring break comes around at the perfect time for you to unwind for a few days and prepare for the final push at the end of the school year. However, if you’re not careful, you could make some big personal or financial mistakes during spring break that could affect your life for years to come. So to help keep this from happening to you, here are three tips for planning your next spring break trip.

Pick The Right Plan For You

Just because spring break gives you the chance to get away from your routine doesn’t mean this is a necessity for you. And if you give in to the pressure to go somewhere tropical and party all week long, you may wind up feeling disappointed if this wasn’t actually your idea of a good time. For this reason, Lauren Blum, a contributor to USA Today, recommends not just going with the stereotypical spring break vacation if that’s not what you want. If you think you’d rather take a cruise or visit a historical site, or even just stay at home spending time with family, do that instead. While you might feel pressured by your peers or marketing campaigns to “take advantage” of this break, it’s a time that’s meant to help you relax from the stress of school, so spend it the way you want.

Be Smart About Your Finances

If you do choose to go somewhere or do something for your spring break, it’s important that you understand how this choice could affect your finances. According to Lisa Fickenscher, a contributor to the New York Post, a huge number of college kids spend the money they’ve taken out through student loans on their spring break splurges. And while there’s nothing illegal about spending your student loan money on things that aren’t directly school-related, this may not be the smartest financial choice. To be in the best position upon graduating, you’re going to want to have the least amount of debt possible. And if a portion of this debt was brought on because you wanted to spend a week in Cabo, that may not be a choice you’re thrilled about when you’re paying for it in the years after graduation.

Know How To Stay Safe

Spring break is a huge travel time all over the world. Knowing this, it follows that spring break is also a peak time to get taken advantage of as a tourist. To keep this from happening to you, contributors to the Huffington Post recommend doing your research before you go and taking extra precautions when you’re at your destination. This could include practicing safe drinking habits and informing your friends or relatives of where you are.

If you’re planning your next adventure over spring break, use the tips mentioned above to do so safely and practically.

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