3 Tips For Your First Tinder Date

So you finally did it.  You hopped on the online dating social bandwagon.  Maybe you’re too afraid to ask someone out in person, or maybe you’ve just lost hope of finding the right person and decided to give this new modern attempt a try.

Whatever your motivation is, welcome to the new world of dating 2.0.  Although it can be fun and even effective in introducing you to the love of your life, it’s important to know some of the basics before you get started.  

Be Yourself

So you’ve just swiped right on someone really attractive with a clever bio and doesn’t seem to look like a serial killer.  Your heart goes into your throat as you realize that they like you too.  It’s a match!  

Before you start initiating a conversation take a few deep breaths and remember to be yourself.  Some people make the mistake of making things up about themselves to make themselves more appealing.  However, all this does is set you and the other party up for disappointment.

There’s no need to talk about owning your own home if you live in a 30 square foot dorm and had instant noodles for your last 16 meals.  The majority of people go through their earlier years with limited resources as they find their way in life.  There is nothing to be embarrassed about if you’re working hard for a better future.

Choose a Public Place

Even though she or he may have hair like an angel and eyes that scream sweet love songs, they could very well be a mass murderer.  It’s totally possible.  It’s always better safe than sorry when you plan meeting up with a total stranger you met on the internet.

You should plan meeting in a very public place where you are clearly going to be able to find help if you need it.  If they suggest your first date being at your home or theirs, run. Fast.  This is an online dating no-no.

Always Plan an “Out”

Online dating experts will tell you that it’s wise to map out an escape plan in the event that you receive a product which was not properly advertised.  Perhaps they lied about their appearance and look totally different than their photo.  Maybe they forgot to take off their wedding ring and now you realize they’re married.  

Whatever the reason may be that has led to you being faced with someone you weren’t prepared for, you should arrange somewhere to be or a time cut off.

Simply let them know before the date that you’ve only got an hour or two to meet up and have to meet up with your mom afterward.  Anything.  Just plan an escape route and in case of emergencies, pull cord.

If you end up liking them you can tell them that your plans changed, or even be honest that it was a backup plan in case they weren’t as wonderful as they ended up being. You never know, you may tell the story at your wedding!

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