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By: Wendy Graham

Staying motivated and focused while earning an online degree can be a tough chore for anyone. The detached nature of some online degree programs often leaves students feeling separated from the teachers and coursework, which can lead to them feeling unmotivated. This lack of focus can be easily overcome by following a few tips.

Set Up A Designated Class Time

Most online degree programs do not “meet” at a designated time. They simply hand out a syllabus that tells you what work is due at the end of each day. This method of teaching works great for highly motivated students, but can leave the rest lost in the wilderness of jobs, social lives and all the other distractions that life produces.

Setting up a designated “learning time” each day will keep students focused. For instance, make a commitment that every day, between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, school will be the only focus. Shutting of the phone, the television and any other distractions will make it easier to stay focused on learning. This will guarantee that the students life is “switched off” for a few hours, while online learning is “switched on.” Sticking to the schedule is key, and for those that do, they’ll find that they are much more focused on their online degree program.

Build Online Friendships With Classmates

When it comes to online degree programs, it’s highly unlikely that the student will know any of their classmates. To overcome this feeling of isolation and stay more motivated, students should build a support network with their other classmates. Exchanging phone numbers and becoming Facebook friends are two great ways for students to interact with their classmates outside of the classroom setting. This will allow classmates to better support each other if they are finding it hard to keep themselves motivated.

Make An Assignment Chart Or Calendar

The syllabus that most online degree programs offer simply provides a list of assignments and due dates. While this is a good way for the instructor to provide students with the necessary dates, it’s a poor way for students to fully understand the workload. Instead of getting lost in the words, it’s a great idea for students to create a chart or calendar that shows when each assignment and test is due. This will give the student a visual aide to quickly understand what is exactly expected of them.

The article was written by Wendy Graham, a freelance writer that contributes to, a guide to accredited online degrees..

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