3 Ways to Get Away With Having A Pet In College


College is a time that is often stressful, but it’s also one of the greatest time periods of your life. You learn so much because it’s the first time you really individuate from your family, and you learn what it’s like to be an adult and hold down a job, as well as make payments on bills, get your coursework done, and maintain social time with your friends. There are moments you don’t think you’ll survive through, and there are others that turn out to define you.

When you go off to college, there are big adjustments being made. You can’t really cook for yourself if you’re in a dorm, you have to prioritize, and you end up disconnecting from friends and family you’ve been close to for years. One such family member you’ll probably find it hard to disconnect from if your family pet from childhood. Dorms don’t usually allow pets, so the option to bring your baby along isn’t available. However, if you want to get away with having a bet in college you can try out these 3 things:

Get Your Own Place

Sometimes not having a pet isn’t an option. If this is you, you might have to get your own place when you go off to college. An apartment or a house close to campus could be a great option for you. Of course, if you bring your pet along, you’ll have to assume all responsibilities, i.e. feeding them, giving them water, loving them, covering their pet insurance, but these are all tasks that are worth it when you can come home after a long day of classes and get a big, wet kiss from your furry companion.

Settle For Betta

When option A doesn’t work, you just might have to settle for option B, which is a Betta fish in this case. Fish are low maintenance, your dorm advisor probably won’t even realize you have one, and if they have some sort of qualm with the matter, you can kindly explain to them that their rules are ridiculous. So even if you can’t have a cat or a dog or a pig, a fish might be as good at it can get. You’ll still get your fill from Betta. He’s colorful and requires to be fed and have his water changed, so if all you want is to name something and have it there for you when nobody else is, a fish called Betta will do the trick.

Room With A Freshman

If you can’t have a pet, and a fish isn’t allowed either, don’t fret. Just room with a freshman. They’re young, unruly, emotionally dependent, they’ll ask you lots of questions, you’ll have to pick up after them, and you’ll basically be their parent for the whole of the year. That’s basically like having a pet in college. Train them to do tricks, and everybody else will be impressed and knocking at your door. If things take off enough, you could even charge for admission.


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