3 Ways Working On A Cruiseship is Like Being in College Again

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There is an unlimited amount of ways to describe being in college. The experience is great for some, for others, it’s a drag, but one thing is for certain…it’s a lot of fun and it’s a lot of work. College isn’t for everybody, but those who don’t feel the need to go to school often feel like they’ve missed out on some amazing experience. That would be true. College is a lot of things and when you don’t go, you miss out on some once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you went to college and miss the atmosphere and experience of it all, or if you didn’t go to college and you’re anxious for an experience that will give you a similar experience, apply for a job on a cruise line. You could work for an art gallery like Park West Gallery, or you could just work the rock wall, but whatever you decide to do, it’s uncanny how similar the experiences are to college for these 3 reasons:

The Quarters Are Crowded

Remember bunking with people in tiny rooms and having to share common areas? Well, cruise living is similar to that. When you work on a cruise, you’re living in a tight space and you have a bunkmate to fight over closet space with…but it’s not all bad because you’re usually working or you’re exploring the things the ship has to offer.

When you’re at port, you’re out on the town, exploring new and exotic countries, so it’s actually not bad at all. So even though the spaces are crowded and there is a lot going on, you’re experiencing the thrill of being around a lot of people, and that’s as close to college as you can get.

Everyday’s A Party

If you like people and you missed out on the college lifestyle where every day was a party, the cruise life is the life for you. Maybe you went to college and you partied all the time and you miss that aspect of things…in any case, if you work on a cruise ship, there are always things to do, people are everywhere you look, the food and alcohol are prolifically available, and as long as you don’t go too hard, you’ll have the time of your life hitting the local scenes whenever you’re not working…which might not be a lot, but that’s college, too, so…

You’re Exhausted A Lot

In the end, cruise life and college life are similar because you’re worked hard. You’re there to work, to learn, to accomplish things…and you work a lot, so you’re exhausted a lot. But you can be exhausted and still have the time of your life. So if you’ feel up for it, apply for a job and you’ll learn amazing things as well meet some amazing people.


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