4 Biggest Reasons People Drop Out Of College

As much as people would love to follow through with finishing their studies after enrolling in college, unfortunately, many people drop out.  This can be not only disappointing for their family and friends, but also for themselves.

While the reasons vary from person to person, usually it comes down to the same common circumstances.  Here are some of the biggest reasons why people drop out of college

Too Much Partying

Most people have heard about the epic parties that occur in college. This environment can be full of temptation and parties which are difficult to say no to.  While it’s certainly understandable why you’d want to have memorable experiences in college, it’s important to keep yourself in check. Too much partying leads to getting distracted from what you’re really there for, which is getting an education for your future.

In addition to distracting you from your studies, there are plenty of other drawbacks which have a negative impact on your life.  Heavy partying can lead to health problems and even getting into an accident.  It’s not worth the risk in the long run.

Social Pressure

Even though school is about getting an education, sometimes it can involve a lot more than simply arriving every day and learning.  There are all sorts of people that you have to interact with on a daily basis.

There can be social pressure and challenges which can present themselves in this kind of environment which some people simply aren’t cut out for.  Try as they may to tune out social pressures, sometimes it can become so overwhelming for some students that they lose interest in going to school altogether.

Lack Of Interest In Their Studies

Even though someone may have all the intentions in the world of doing their best in school, ultimately if their heart isn’t in it, they won’t last long. It can be extremely hard to try to focus and put your best effort into something which you have little to no passion for.

When you are truly invested in a subject you are enthusiastic about doing the work and showing up every day.  Even you don’t feel excited about your area of study then you may want to rethink your career path.

Not Enough Money

Unfortunately, not everyone can qualify for a scholarship or grant.  Some people simply don’t have the funds to be able to pay for their education.

When the price of school gets to the point where they can’t afford to eat or pay their rent they start to reconsider their path and opt to drop out altogether.  

Rather than letting yourself get to this point, consider applying for all the scholarships and grants that you can.  You may be surprised to find that you qualify for more than you think!