4 Criteria for Identifying the Top Online Schools

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Online schools have become extremely popular in recent years because they allow busy people with jobs or children to get an education on a schedule that works with their lifestyle.

Most study for careers in business, education, health, criminal justice, or engineering. So many educational programs have flooded the Internet that it has become difficult to discern which ones are reputable.

A variety of factors should be taken into account when determining which online schools train the most promising graduates, but the following are four of the most important:

1. Student engagement

The degree to which instructors interact with their students plays a big role in the success of a program. Providing feedback, keeping office hours, and creating collaborative coursework are ways that teachers stay engaged with their students while instructing remotely.

The size of the classes and types of assessments the program uses will also affect how much attention each student receives.

2. Admissions selectivity

Online schools that only admit the most qualified applicants are more likely to produce higher quality graduates. Selective programs use GPA, previous experience, and letters of recommendation to find the best students.

3. Faculty credentials and training

Common sense tells us that better teachers produce better graduates. The more faculty members with Ph.D.’s a program employs, the better. However, advanced education on the subject material is not enough by itself. Equally important is the faculty’s technological training and experience with teaching online courses.

4. Student services and technology

Services such as academic advising, 24-hour tech support, mentoring, and access to a digitized library empower students to make the most of their education. Online chat rooms to discuss course work, live streaming audio and video, and applications for tablets and smartphones are some the types of up-to-date technology you’d expect in a reputable online school.

The best online schools to hire graduates from

With so many options available, and so many factors to take into account, how do employers determine which online schools to hire from? An excellent source has been designed to help clear up the confusion and guide employers through the bewildering world of online education.

Well-informed companies can sort through the multitudes of graduates seeking jobs and select the most qualified. Millions of students enroll in online classes annually and the numbers continue to increase every year. As a result, hiring from online schools is becoming an increasingly common practice. In order to stay competitive, companies and organizations need to stay current and learn how to hire the best graduates from these programs.


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