4 Reasons You Should Limit Partying In College

Everyone has heard about the epic parties that the college years have to offer.  It seems to go along with the territory the more stories that you hear about people dancing on tables, jumping into pools,  and beer bonging.

Although it can be an experimental period of time in your life, it’s important to also remember to reel it in.  If you go too out of control you may risk putting yourself in a seriously unfortunate position. Therefore, if you are thinking about all of the wild parties you want to attend in college, here are some reasons to reconsider.


At the end of the day staying up late and putting harsh substances into your body will start to age you quickly.  You will start to see changes in your body if you push it too hard.  

Staying up late alone starts to create bags under your eyes and makes your skin dry.  Whereas getting a good night’s rest and eating a diet which is full of wholesome ingredients will keep you younger much longer.

So if you aren’t motivated by health, at least let your vanity motivate you.  You can rest assured that heavy partying certainly starts to wear on your physique.

Your Grades

Your grades will start to slip quickly when you aren’t getting enough sleep or waking up the next day ready for your exams.  Although it may seem like harmless fun at first, you will start to see that you aren’t as focused on your studies and feel sluggish and tired.

It’s important that your main focus is on your studies rather than your social agenda.  Not only are you paying a significant amount of money for your degree, but you have your entire life to have fun.  Do yourself a favor and buckle down now and save the fun for later.  You’ll have a much more successful and enjoyable life overall.


Alcohol and substances are quite pricey.  As a student, it’s typical to have a rather small budget since your schedule doesn’t allow you the freedom of being able to work full time to make a full salary.

You will find that you can make your dollar stretch much further by avoiding spending money on alcohol and partying.  Why not invest in self-care rather than self-destruction with the small amount of money that you have to work with.


Getting into trouble while under the influence of alcohol is an easy thing to do.  Not only can you make a fool of yourself but you can also find yourself in danger.

Since pressure can be high to not only drink but drink a lot in college, many people find themselves taken advantage of or injured.

Always practice moderation and you find you have much fewer run-ins with precarious situations.