4 Romantic Stories that Will Make You Cry

loveValentine’s Day is a sweet holiday. Every year on the fourteenth of February it’s celebrated with cards, chocolates, flowers, and gifts from the heart. What makes Valentine’s Day special and what speaks to our hearts can be described in the stories that are told. But it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s to reminisce the romance. Here are some very touching stories for the sentimental soul.

1. A swift message

A woman’s daughter decided she wanted mom to meet her new boyfriend after she had talked about him for some time. The day the boy arrived, he introduced himself while his parents were out in the car.

The mother asked the daughter what they were going to do on their date and the daughter said they were going to watch some movies. After confirming the date with the boy’s parents, they left.

The mother couldn’t help but think about how tall the boy was and how her little girl was growing into a young lady even though the mother was in no hurry for that to happen. Then the mother’s cell phone went off. It was from her daughter’s phone, but the text message was from her new boyfriend: “I think your daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world.”

2. An old Roman tale

Josephine Preston Peabody’s story from the last century, “Cupid and Psyche,” comes from an ancient myth in which Love himself gives his immortal heart to a mortal maiden. Cupid had shot an arrow meant for Psyche’s heart but hit his own.

Everyone would ask Psyche where her husband was. At first she couldn’t see his face, and because he wasn’t present, people laughed at her. The Oracle had named her husband, and Psyche was led to believe he was a dragon.

She wondered what misfortune she would experience. She thought Love had forgotten her. However, her husband did send for her. She drank from a cup of ambrosia and became immortal. From then on, they were never parted again.

3. The story behind the holiday

Then there’s the tale of Valentine’s Day itself and its history. St. Valentine fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and wed others against the emperor Claudius’s wishes. The emperor believed that love and family made people weak.

St. Valentine was imprisoned for going against the emperor. His last note was to his daughter and signed “From Your Valentine.” He was executed on February 14th, 270 A.D., on what we know now as Valentine’s Day.

4. Got to get that message through

The final story is about a woman who got snowed in on Valentine’s Day evening and couldn’t be with her boyfriend. She hung out with family, but he was in her mind and heart all day.

Hidden away was the Valentine’s day gift she had bought him. She asked herself why she had never said to him the things she wanted to say. Inside her heart she believed that day would arrive and she told herself there was a reason that men and women are different inside.

It was a most convenient Valentine’s holiday but with the most inconvenient weather. Sending messages is alright, but some events like Valentine’s Day are better shared in person.