4 Tips for Planning Your Perfect Greek Ball

If you’re lucky enough to be on the social committee of your fraternity or sorority (or even the head of the whole crew), you know that planning your annual Greek ball is challenging at best. You have a lot of people counting on you to make it fun, memorable, and brimming with the spirit of your organization. Planning can take the entire academic year, but it’s not too late to pull everything together. Start with selecting a gorgeous venue that fits within your budget (it’s easier than you think).

Here’s your cheat sheet to planning an amazing event that will set the bar high for all other houses and years to come. If only finals were this easy:

1. Choose an “off” date

You’re probably competing with proms, graduations and weddings if your ball is in the spring. If possible, hold your event on a Thursday evening or other “off” night when venues and entertainers are available at bargain prices. This might not suit those who have early morning classes, but if everyone in the houses finishes with their finals on a Thursday (as any savvy planner should do), then hosting your ball that night is a great way to end the term.

2. DIY catering if you can

Some venues offer a kitchen or otherwise let you bring in your own food, while others require you spend a certain amount per head or only use their own (often overpriced) services. The Food Network has a list of fantastic easy appetizers, and if you split up the cooking around the house, you can turn a potluck into a posh affair.

3. Find a DJ in the Greek system

There’s a very good chance someone in the house or another one has a blossoming DJ. They might be up for spinning at a discount, or even in exchange for a free ticket and dinner to the event. However, while The Knot suggests wedding songs to put on the “don’t play” list, you might want to do the same for songs and genres. A Kanye or Nicki Minaj remix might not go with the theme you have in mind.

4. Pick a venue with built-in decorations

Decorations can quickly add up, so pick a venue that offers interesting details such as moulding or pillars so you can minimize costs. Peruse the Dollar Store for cheap options for linens, flowers, etc.

This can be a night to remember with smart planning and a little research. Secure your place as the best social chair of all time, and you just might get re-elected.