4 Ways to Add Value to Your Tech Resume

When it comes to your resume, one thing is true: you can always take tangible steps to make it stand out even more than it does so already.

For instance, maybe you like your job but would like to move up in your company. Or perhaps you’d like to shift career gears entirely and get into a new line of work.

Either way, your resume could use some sprucing up — and you have the power and ability to make this happen. To go about doing this, consider the following tips:

1. Earn a Tech Certificate

One effective way to boost your resume is by pursuing an advanced education in technology. While you might not have the time to earn a college degree, an undergraduate certificate is an outstanding option. Interested in adding a networking essentials certificate to your resume but still want to continue working? Then consider pursuing an online computer networking certificate. In addition to networking courses, you may want to keep other tech-related areas in mind, like data mining and analytics, cybersecurity, and programming essentials.

2. Volunteer

Perhaps you love animals and have volunteered at a local rescue shelter from time to time. But to make your volunteer work truly stand out, look for ways that you can use your skills in tech to lend a helping hand. In fact, a willingness to donate your time to assist others will not only make you an attractive job candidate; you’ll also be seen as conscientious and community-minded.

For example, contact a local senior center to see if there are ways to volunteer. If the opportunity presents itself, make it a point to visit the facility as often as you’d like to teach the residents how to use the internet, text their grandkids, and write emails. Other ideas include speaking with the director of a local library to see if any tech assistance is needed for upgrading their media checkout equipment or if a house of worship, school, or nonprofit could use help updating their website.

3. Learn About the Field in a Side Job

Another way to gain invaluable experience that you can then add to your resume is to look for part-time work in an area of technology with which you’re not as familiar but that still interests you. To fit this around your current job, you might consider being a freelancer and working on small projects for a company in the evenings and on weekends. These small side hustles will add up and can be added to your resume as additional experience and knowledge that you’ve acquired.

4. Get Certified

Another way to make your resume shine is by becoming certified in a tech-related subject. For instance, there are a number of relevant industry certifications you could pursue, including CompTIA, CCNA, Python and others. Any of these would show a potential new employer that you have the skills needed to complete certain job-related tasks.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

You have the desire for a better career in technology. Now, by doing what you can to add value to your resume — earning a tech certificate, doing volunteer work, learning a new skill, and/or earning an award — you should find it easier to stand out among different applicants and land that new and better-paying position.



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