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It’s time to face the truth: it’s no longer okay to walk around campus like you’re off to the beach. Winter weather is fast approaching and it’s time to update your wardrobe for the new season. The trick with winter fashion is showing off your assets while staying bundled up.  Here are four tips on looking hot while bracing the cold weather.


The best thing about wearing leggings is it’s like your wearing pants but you’re not. But DO NOT wear them as pants, ever. 90% of the time leggings are sheer meaning your ass will be out and about if you planned on wearing them to class. Leggings are great because they will keep you warm and look good with almost anything minus jean skirts, and short shirts. They’re also perfect for that Friday after the thirsty Thursday trip to class because they are so comfortable, it’s like you’re still in your sweats.  Tights are for when you’re wearing a dress that was made for the summer but you decided to wear it in 30 degree weather. There are so many different patterns too that you can take a boring dress and spice it up a bit with the tights.

2. The Little Black Peacoat

Honestly, it really doesn’t matter whats underneath it because the coat alone says I’m a classy bitch. I think that the little black peacoat is equally as important as the little black dress because you can wear it to anything. Even better, it keeps you warm while looking good. This jacket will never ever go out of style so buying it would be a really smart investment for the poor college kid. It’s perfect for the night out when you decide to show a little too much skin, but it’s also good for the trek to the library in the arctic tundra.


This one is kind of self explanatory. Let me put this out there first, I am a big hater on the UGG boot. So this example includes all kind of boots minus those ugly ass ones. Boots really come in all different shapes and styles and they have a type for any kind of girl and any kind of occasion. Simple ones for walks to class, flashy ones for that Friday night, even ones to brave the snow in. The best part is you can usually find a really great pair for a good price, especially now that we’re getting closer to the holidays. Boots on the other hand can really make or break an outfit. They look great with skinny’s or leggings, but tacky with other things. If you’re someone with questionable taste, ask your friends before you go out.

4.Sweater Dresses

Sweaters in cold weather just makes sense. Sweater dresses makes even more sense. Not only will you be super warm on the walks between frat parties but you’ll look good doing it. Paired with a cute pair of tights and all eyes will be on you all night. Be careful though, if your dress is super short and your planned on dropping it low all night, you might want to wear something under the dress. Stick to simple patterns and solid colors and avoid anything that looks like an ugly Christmas sweater dress.

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