5 Activities To Supercharge Your College Experience

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College is a fascinating time for many people, especially if you’re just entering into the environment as a freshman, or particularly a young freshman straight out of high school. But without a little bit more focus than you’re used to, that time can fly by without you making the most of it, and you’ll wonder what you spent those precious moments doing.

So if you want to make sure that you’re absorbing as much of the experience as possible, there are ways to supercharge your overall intent, and five of them include learning an instrument in your spare time, staying active online, maintaining some distraction-free time, keeping your musical soundtracks handy, and staying fit and observant by keeping physically active outside.

Learn An Instrument In Your Spare Time

Music is a great connector, and especially in a college environment, if you do something like learn the guitar, not only will you be improving yourself and giving yourself and enjoyable hobby, it’s also a way to meet great people. Think about how many people talk about the bands that they were in while they went through college as well! Is all starts with that decision to take up that first instrument and learn in your extra moments.

Get Active Online

You’ll only have so much time to spend face to face with people and groups, but online there’s a lot more ways to train your explicit focus. For example, even for something like finding college dates online, there are ways to get active and find the right people for the right reasons, rather than leaving everything up to chance meetings at bars or football games. And while that works for some people, it’s certainly not for everyone.

Have Distraction-Free Time

One thing to be careful of is that you don’t get sucked into the distractions of college without stopping to smell the roses as well. In other words, be sure to drop your social media obsession every once in awhile and just be present during certain events and interactions. It makes a difference.

Keep Your Soundtracks Handy

And college life without a personalized soundtrack is going to be boring, truth told. So have your favorite tunes on your nearest device at all times. Whether you’re walking around town or skipping between classes, the right music in your ears will give you the energy you need to keep going.

Stay Moving Outside

Another way to get the brain and body sludge is to spend too much of your college time inside. If you really want to supercharge your experience, make sure that you get out and do physical stuff! Go for walks, join a co-ed sports team. Buy a fitbit and challenge your classmates to running competitions. That will really round out your overall experience.


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