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If you go into Blackberry App World, the iTunes App Store, or the Droid Marketplace, you will notice there are hundreds of thousands of apps you can download for free or buy. Some people’s screens on their phones are so crowded with apps, but are all of them really used? Probably not. Unless you’re really into news, you don’t need CNN, the New York Times and your local paper’s apps all downloaded to your phone. You can check out those websites on your computer. Delete those apps from your phone, but below are five apps that college students should have.

1. Whatsapp

Since BBM is constantly trending these days, maybe you iPhoners or Droiders are starting to get a little jealous you don’t have instant communication tools on your phone. Whatsapp takes care of that problem. It’s available for all smartphones and allows all users of each platform to connect. I like this one because you can have a group conversation and see what everyone’s saying — sort of like a chat room — all on one screen. My roommates and I use this app when we’re all trying to meet up in between classes or at the bar so we can all figure out plans without things getting lost in translation. Pro: you don’t have to add contacts to Whatsapp. Once it’s downloaded your phonebook contacts are automatically added to the app! Yay for simplicity.

2. iBlackout

Socialites, this was made for us. iBlackout is only available for smartphones because it needs a functioning GPS. If you haven’t guessed yet, you turn the app on and it connects to the phone’s GPS and tracks your whereabouts of the night. In the morning, you’ll never have to wonder where you went anymore – just what you did. But even that can slightly be controlled by iBlackout. When you get the app, you can upload contacts from your phonebook into the program and you will then be banned from talking to the uploaded contacts when the app is in use. Girls, no drunk texting! Have you ever heard of something so great? It’s perfect.


3. Words With Friends

Okay who doesn’t have Words With Friends or, for the cool kids, WWF, downloaded on your phone? Even if you aren’t good at Scrabble, it’s such a social thing to do. If you’re competitive, this is also perfect for you. My roommate and I will sit on the couch watching TV and eating dinner, competing in the WWE. Then we really judge each other when one of us loses. You can find opponents through Twitter, Facebook or your phonebook, or you can play with a random person. Either way, it’s a fun game.


4. Angry Birds

I’ve haven’t gotten caught up in the Angry Birds craze, but people are so obsessed with it, it’s all I hear about. I mean, they made that movie :Rio” based off of this app. That’s insane! I guess it’s a good timekiller whether you’re early for a meeting, procrastinating or just not paying attention in class. Just like any other game, this thing is addicting. If you’re going to play Angry Birds, make sure you remember your life outside of the app.

5. Foursquare


You don’t have to love social media in order to love Foursquare. With holidays dedicated to the app like National Foursquare Day, how could you not download the app and be a part of the community? It’s great because you can see where all your friends who use the app are at a given time, and you never know, maybe you’re around the corner and can drop by to say hello. Also, some places offer specials if you “check in” to Foursquare. Take the Mexican restaurant California Tortilla, for example. When you Foursquare check in, you get free queso and a bag of chips. Yum. It’s another good way to stay in the loop and know where people are.



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