5 Career Paths for Kids who Know How to Code

Career paths for the kids should be set early in life so that they are masters in their field when they come of age. With the rise in demand for technical jobs, teaching kids coding at an early age lays a strong foundation for their future. Coding for kids should be taught in a relaxed and fun environment to arouse the kids’ interest. This will ensure that they gain valuable skills that are important to their carrier path.

Can kids be taught coding through video games?

The answer to the question is yes. You can combine fun and learning into one to make the process of teaching coding to kids easier. This is done through basic programming concepts taught by getting kids to code video games. Some of the vital skills that the kids can learn through this process are as follows:-

  • Enhances critical thinking
  • Equips problem-solving skills
  • Instills patience and rewards results
  • Builds imagination and thinking out of the box
  • Encourages collaboration and teamwork

The skills can equally be transferred to another field if the kid does not want to pursue a carrier in programming. However, this transition will require the foundational knowledge and skills acquired while studying coding from platforms like YaizY. YaizY doesn’t just provide coding classes for kids, but also STEM, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Innovation courses, to make sure your child is fully prepared for their future career in technology. So be sure to check out their website for more details.

Problem-solving is another skill that can be used across all industries, making coding a unique tool for modern life. The following are five code-related careers that your kid can pursue.

  1. Video Game Developer

This is one of the best career paths that your kid may want to follow. It entails writing game codes for video games. This career is lucrative since kids and adults worldwide play computer games, and the demand for it is very high. Additionally, when a new game hits the market, people are ready to try it out, and therefore, a consumer market for the product is readily available.

  1. Software Application Developer

Software Development is another career path that uses codes to create and enhance mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It involves reviews, analysis, and modification of programming systems, including encoding, testing, and debugging. Developers also involve themselves in the technical design, development, and integration of cross-functional, multi-platform application systems.

  1. Web Developer

A web developer creates websites using HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and other front-end frameworks. Creating a website requires a sound understanding of coding and training in design principles, particularly related to user experience.

  1. Computer Systems Engineer

The functions of a Software Engineers are to conceptualize, design, construct, install, maintain, and repair computer systems. Additionally, they should be fluent in industry-standard coding languages. They must also have skills in mathematics, programming, and software development.

  1. Database Administrator

A Database Administrator ensures seamless performance, integrity, and security of databases. They design and build high-quality database systems based on each user’s specialized role, making them responsible for its constant maintenance. This job requires a person who is highly familiar with programming languages.


The kids who sharpened their coding skills while still young will have a competitive edge over their peers. Coding also helps those who decide to follow a different career path since skills gained can be transferred to different fields other than programming.


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