5 College Games To Pass The Time

The college student is a strange and enigmatic creature and is one that should be studied from a distance. Their interactions and habits are so strange they deserve their own subcategory within anthropological studies, and with that train of thought, I am going to look at five common college games that are in actuality, quite bizarre.

1. Beer Pong

Ah, the enduring appeal of beer pong! Take a dirty ping pong ball and throw it at a cup of beer. If it goes in, your opponent drinks dirty beer and you get to relish sweet nectar of ping-pong-based triumph! I know there are many beer pong advocates who are chafed by the fact that I would call their beloved pastime “bizarre”, but let’s face it, the very notion that college students will that a wet ping-pong ball that has rolled all over the floor, dunk it in beer and then drink the tainted beer. The average college student’s floor is a veritable petri dish for flesh eating bacteria and gut-wrenching parasites, and then add the foot traffic of an average house party and you have yourself a cesspool in the making. Would you eat mashed potatoes off of a dorm room floor? Then don’t play beer pong without at least acknowledging the totally unsanitary nature of the game.

2. Hacky Sack

Keep the bean filled knitted bag in the air as long as possible! Before I completely dismiss hacky sack as a hobby, keeping random objects in the air with designated body parts has been a hobby of humans for centuries. That said, tradition doesn’t always mean that a game was fun and interesting to begin with, and I think the sport of cricket proves that. We have now been in the 21st century for almost 14 years now, if you want a pointless, inane game to dull your brain, go play Fruit Ninja.

3. Frisbee Golf

There is a surprisingly large frisbee golf community in the United States, but that doesn’t make it any less bizarre. Golf itself is already so difficult and bizarre but we had to make the ball a frisbee and the hole a weird BDSM chain prison? No thank you.

4. Patron Challenge

If you don’t know this one, do yourself a favor and Google it. If you thought chugging an entire bottle of Patron is impossible, think again! If you thought it was impossible to do without vomiting explosively, you would be right on the money. Why some people do this to themselves for internet fortune? I blame Daniel Tosh.

5. Gallon Challenge

The spiritual cousin of the Patron challenge, the gallon challenge replaces tequila with milk and adds a one hour time limit. Milk may seem like a more benign substance, but it tends to produce the same result. I can’t imagine the strength required to hold down a gallon of milk, but kudos the few sad fools who slayed that dragon

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