5 Crazy Pranks For The Trickster College Student

Construing the perfect college prank is one of the highlights of the college experience.  It’s exciting to catch your friends off guard and pull a fast one on them. Pranks are a long-lived tradition of college life.  

As long as you keep your pranks within the boundaries of somewhat decency, you’ll find that you can build some pretty unforgettable memories.  Check out a brief look at some practical prank suggestions, and start planning your next move today.

The anatomy of a good prank

For a prank to be a good one, you have to assure a few things don’t happen in the process.  You don’t want to put anyone in true danger, but you do want to scare them.

Don’t plan a prank while someone is driving.  It could cause a car accident, and lead to some stiff legal penalties.  It’s not funny to play with people’s lives.  Keep your pranks tame enough to instill fear or humility without breaking the law of the land.  

Move your friend’s car to a different spot

Let’s get right down to the first example of excellence.  You all have that one friend that never locks their vehicle or always leaves their keys within grabbing range.  

During one of the many raging college parties you experience with your friend, jack their keys.  Move their car to a spot just out of sight, and enjoy watching the panic unfold.

The key to pulling this off successfully is to not be drunk when you move their car, and make sure you’re there to stop the prank before your friend calls to file a stolen vehicle report with the police.  

Some oldies but goodies

We all love bubbles, and putting soap in the campus fountain is a classic college prank.  It’s a pain in the ass to clean up, and the students love it. Don’t get caught soaping up the fountain, as you could face some uncomfortable penalties for messing around.  

Another classic college prank is to fill your friend’s dorm room with cups.  Place empty cups all over everything in an orderly fashion. It hurts no one and brings plenty of smiles.  

Fun with mannequins

There’s plenty of fun to be had if you can get your hands on a convincing mannequin doll.  A random “person” popping up in random places builds a perfect equation for panic.  

Try placing a mannequin doll in your friend’s bed while they’re sleeping, and set up a camera to capture their response when they awaken.  You’ll laugh for hours, and your friend will eventually recover from their PTSD.

Switch their dorm room around

You may also want to shake things up for your friend by switching around all the furniture in their dorm room.  Try flipping the layout in an exact mirror style.

When your friend returns to their room, act like nothing is different.  You will make your friend question their sanity, and get a good belly laugh from the punchline.

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