5 Essentials for Every College Freshman

Congratulations on your graduation! While high school may have felt like an eternity, it was really a stepping stone to bigger and better things. College life is an exciting time for every young teenager, and preparing to leave home can prove thrilling and terrifying simultaneously. Packing up to set up a new life may be overwhelming, but there are a few basics every freshman should include. Included here are the essentials for incoming college freshman leaving home behind for the first time.


If first impressions were important in high school, they are doubly so in the big leagues of college life. You are going to be meeting friends, future colleagues, professors and potential employers. Make sure you are presenting yourself as a confident, capable young person. While style can vary widely by individual and campus, you should always be hygienic and in tidy-looking clothes.

School Supplies

While elementary school may have demanded nothing more of you than crayons and notebooks, college is going to be a bit more spendy. You will likely need a personal laptop, as well as calculators and textbooks. Depending on your major, you may need even more expensive supplies as your college career progresses. Try to begin your college life with as many of these necessities as possible, to save yourself the stress of securing them later.

Creature Comforts

Dorm life is nothing like living at home. Say goodbye to hot home-cooked meals and folded laundry, the only person responsible for you is you. On some campuses, you may be able to have a mini fridge in your dorm as well as a hot plate for cooking. This can help ease the food expenses you face at college.

Other campuses may have completely unfurnished dorm rooms, meaning you will need to supply the bed, desk and office chair as well as any extra lamps or rugs. Make sure you have enough bedding sets and towels that you don’t have to run laundry too often.


If you have a mini fridge, you should be set to supply your own food, and prepare it. Many campuses have a meal plan that will allow you to eat in the cafeteria for 3 meals a day. However, meal plans can be extremely pricey, a few thousand per quarter in some colleges, and you will need to be prepared to foot the bill.


The most important thing any incoming freshman will need is a strong support system. This can come from good friends, loving family members or a significant other. College is certainly a shock to the system for young teens and should be buffered with plenty of loving support. Be sure you have someone you can call when the going gets tough, and know that dropping some classes to stay afloat is always an option.