5 Fair Warnings About the Transition To College Living



The transition into college life can be dramatic and drastic, especially if you’re younger and just getting out of high school. Being on your own is a huge shock to the system if you haven’t experienced it before, and it seems as though that movement from safety to freedom is becoming more worrisome in more recent generations.

So, although going to college can be an amazing experience, and one that sets you up for a successful life more quickly than various alternatives, it’s important to listen to warnings, especially regarding things like drugs, sexual assault, frats and sororities, freshman-level classes, and putting yourself into the job market.

Be Aware of Drug Information

In the realm of hindsight, you’ll find that many people who deal with drug addition later in life started out some of their behaviors when then were in college. Though college is arguably the best time to do some of this experimentation, there are lines that can get crossed if you aren’t careful, and it’s not hard to get into the wrong kind of crowd when it comes to harder drugs that can distract you from the purpose of your university studies.

Read Between the Lines Regarding Sexual Assault Statistics

For women especially, understanding sexual assault potential on different college campuses is extremely important. There are lots and lots of unreported crimes of this nature, so you may believe that a particular school is safer than it actually is. Before blindly believing that a school doesn’t have a problem at all with this kind of behavior, talk to various women’s advocacy groups on campus to see what they have to say.

Research Frats and Sororities

A big part of the college experience for many people is the frat and sorority experience. And for many people, the attitudes and the events fit with their general demeanor. However, more transparent sets of information in the last decade or so have shown problems in the fraternity communities that can really color a person’s experience poorly. Know what you’re getting into!

Get Good Information About Freshman Classes

There are a few different ways to get information about Freshman classes, and not all of them are good. You can find out which ones to take in order to skip, or which ones to take because they’re easy, or which ones to take because they’re actually valuable. Choose wisely!

Get a Job As Soon As Possible

Too much free time is a problem during the college experience as well. Add to that, not much money, and it’s a conundrum. So, to that end, find enough time to study your material, but then also get a job, even a part time one, to fill your time responsibly and make money simultaneously.


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