By: Eric Michael (University of Miami)

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As football comes back, so does fantasy football. Guys go into bat caves, making their draft boards and then setting their lineup each week. But who has been a bust this season? Here is my top 5.

5. Maurice Jones-Drew

He’s only gained 322 yards on the ground, and just this week scored his first touchdown. Jones-Drew was rated as the third best player available by most, but has yet to produce this season.

4. Michael Crabtree

Ok, so you can make a case that the whole 49er team should be on this list instead of just Crabtree. Crabtree showed promise once he finally signed a contract last season, but he just broke the one hundred yard mark for the season this week. For a guy who should be a top fantasy receiver that just wont cut it.

3. Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams

These guys get paired together because they share the same backfield, and because they each should be starting. Between the two of them they only have three touchdowns. These two need to step it up if the Panthers want to win a few games this season.

2. Brett Favre

Two touchdowns and six picks this season. I am glad that’s what we waited for all summer, Brett Favre. Your team is 1-2 and the fantasy teams you are on are doing even worse. Are you sure you don’t want to retire Brett?

1.Shonn Greene

I guess it was too premature to get excited after Greene dominated in the playoffs. Greene’s performance was the reason why Thomas Jones was let go. LaDainian Tomlinson came in to become the backup running back, not the starter. Greene was a first round pick in almost every league, that is why he is my biggest bust.

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