5 Hacks for Upgrading Your Wardrobe on a Budget

The average American spends around $161 per month on clothing, which is a lot of money. However, too many people have bad habits that lead them to spend much more than they should. The average piece of clothing only gets worn seven times before ending up in the trash or a donation bin, which is a huge problem. More people also need to learn how to be savvy shoppers and stop overspending. By making a few adjustments and by knowing where to look for deals, you could cut your clothes spending by half, if not more. Let’s take a look at five hacks that you can use to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.

Thrift Wisely

Thrift shops can be goldmines if you’re trying to find great clothing for less. Some people will drop off items in nearly perfect condition, sometimes from brand names. But there’s an actual science to thrifting that will allow you to find steals every time. First of all, you have to pick the right thrift stores. Major thrift store chains like Goodwill are usually better than boutique thrift shops. Smaller thrift shops will often have to overcharge for items to cover for their lack of volume.

When picking a thrift store, you also have to choose the right location. If you want to get the best deals, try to go to a thrift shop in a nice area and make sure that it’s not too crowded. This will increase the chances that you find things that you’ll actually want to wear.

Buy ‘Worn Once’ Items On eBay

This one is a great tip if you’re into designer clothing. If you want to buy high-end clothing but have a small budget, one of the best ways to do it would be to look for ‘worn once’ items on eBay. You will be able to find them by filtering items by condition or using the term ‘worn once’ in your search.

The great thing about this is that nothing is stopping you from selling the item again once you’re done with it. You could literally wear something for free if you buy it, wear it a few times, and sell it again. This is something that works better with easily recognizable fashion brands and items like bags, but it can also work with shoes and various accessories. So, look at some of the deals you can find and always make sure to buy from a reputable seller.

Abandon Shopping Carts

Ecommerce sites will often have an auto-responder send you a special deal if you leave your shopping cart without making a purchase. Use this to your advantage and never buy an item the first time. Abandon your cart and wait to see if you get an email. If you don’t get one after a few minutes, you can go through with your purchase or look for the item elsewhere and repeat the process.

Visit Deal Sites

Another thing you should do is visit deals sites. There are many sites out there that will allow you to save on loads of apparel deals. These sites often have special partnerships with these brands, and you should assemble a shortlist of good ones so you can visit them frequently.

Shop at Discount Stores and Outlets

Discount stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx are great places to find high-quality clothing for less. The reason why they’re able to sell brand-name items for such low prices is because they buy surplus inventory from other stores and manufacturers. If you don’t mind wearing a dress from last season or shoes without the box, then this is the place to go.

These are all tricks that you can use to cut your clothes spending habits. Follow these tips and always find ways to limit waste as much as possible.

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