5 iPhone Games that Will Revolutionize Your Life


There’s no question that gaming in all its forms is proliferating and becoming more sophisticated, and nowhere is that evolution more apparent than in mobile gaming.  The release of the first iPhone turned the mobile industry (and the world, if you think about it) on its ear, and since then we have begun to fill every moment of our lives with our phones.  We communicate; we surf video; we work; we network; and we play games.  Tons of games.

So for the iPhone gamer in you, here are 5 titles you need on your phone.

Punch Quest

Punch Quest from RocketCat (the developers of Hook Champ) was the best-reviewed iPhone game of 2012.  The foundation of the game is simple and universally fun:  you get to run around punching things…endlessly.  But reviewers also love the game’s density, its volume of quests, and the intelligence of its design and execution.


You might have heard the commercials for Luminosity on the radio:  a system of computer games that were developed in order to achieve fundamental brain organization through play.  Well, now those games are available on iPhone, and they definitely belong in any gamer’s collection.  They might not be the most exhilarating games out there, but hey, if they even might live up to their claims, they’re worth downloading.

Reckless Racing 2

Here I have to admit to a prejudice:  racing games have always been my favorite, all the way back to youth soccer pizza parties at Godfather’s in my hometown.  A racing game is definitely going to make my list, but given that fact, this is one that deserves it.  It received rave reviews across the board for delivering great action, challenges, and play.

Big Fish Casino

Online gambling applications and games have been a challenge for American developers and players, since the laws in the States are so difficult to navigate.  However, Seattle-based Big Fish Games has now added real-money betting capabilities to its iPhone casino, enabling players to place real bets where it’s legal.  Does that apply to Americans?  Maybe and maybe not.  You’ll have to read up on mobile gambling restrictions in your area to make sure.


Billed as a “life-changing” game by its designer, Peter Molyneux, players of Curiosity chip away at cubes to reveal a secret contained inside.  By chipping in a rhythmic pattern (which is good practice according to the Luminosity guys) players earn coins that they can use to buy more effective tools.  They can also create music while they play and can chip designs into the cube as they break it apart.  Reviewers have been astounded by the levels of complexity and meaning the game’s creators have built into such a simple concept, and players are officially hooked.


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