5 Morbid Career Fields That Require Degree-Holding Graduates


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Many people complain that their jobs are boring, but some careers that people have devoted years earning a. Every day there are jobs related to death and related causes. The following are jobs are a little twisted but someone has to do them. What’s more, attending one of many schools with online master programs, or bachelors for those just starting out, may not be quite enough because of the need for hands on experience in these fields. Here are several examples of the darker jobs graduates can look forward to:

Pathology Specialist:

Pathology refers to the general study of diseases and means long hours in the lab, working with particular samples. While this may not sound too macabre, many professional pathologists find themselves in jobs centered on death. For some, they spend entire years studying one cause of death. Others find jobs where they determine causes of death for different people every day. Forensic pathologists examine mysterious and possibly murderous deaths to find clues. All these jobs naturally require extensive medical training and degrees.

Funeral Director:

A funeral director takes loving care of the cold corpses that come in the mortuary, typically handling the grave process from beginning to end. In this particular case, that means overseeing the body as it is prepared for viewing, speaking with family members, and constantly working with cemeteries and graveyards. A two-year associate’s degree in mortuary science is a typical requirement, and also a real thing.


How did caterers make it on the list? If you are thinking of happy weddings, anniversaries, and business lunches, think again. Many caterers specialize in far darker celebrations. Consider the market for funerals, seances, and fundraisers for incurable diseases. What drinks and snacks go best with slideshows of the deceased? Someone has to decide. Professional caterers usually have degrees in the culinary arts.

Snake Milker:

This may strike you as morbid or not, depending on your point of view on snakes. If you think they have their good points, perhaps you would be a good milker yourself. Professionals work at serpentariums, encouraging snakes to bite at soft pads over and over in order to harvest their venom for research…or collections. Degrees in biochemistry and herpetology are usually a must.

Obit Writer:

Think how it would feel to write about death…day…after day…after day. Obituary writers are masters of a select type of writing designed to memorialize the deceased and effectively sum up every cause of death imaginable. Some even end up acquiring photographs of the deceased as part of their jobs. Journalism degrees dominate this field.

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