5 Most Popular Celebrities on Facebook

Facebook has allowed everyday people to feel connected to their favorite celebrities. What used to be only for magazines, tabloids, and television can now be achieved through the power of the Internet. Celebrities can also feel more connected to their fans by posting various pictures, songs, messages, and events on their Facebook page. This allows fans to feel closer to their favorite celebrities than ever before. With this big of an audience, we doubt these people had to buy their Facebook likes for their fan page; their fan page has reached this size with their fame. Here are the 5 most popular Facebook celebrities by the amount of likes that they have received.

1. The top Facebook celebrity is Eminem with over 56 millions fans. Eminem is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan who has risen to immense popularity with his lyrics, raps, and unique style. Eminem often posts daily events in his life, his tour dates, and upcoming songs for his adoring fans.
2. The second most like Facebook celebrity is Rihanna with almost 55 million fans. Rihanna was born in Barbados, and has risen to great fame with her powerful voice. Her beauty has allowed her to market herself with her own clothing line, fragrances, as well as being a spokesperson for Nike and J.C. Penney. Rihanna often uses Facebook to post her favorite poems, songs, and to stay connected to her fans.
3. The third most popular Facebook celebrity is Lady Gaga with over 50 million fans. Lady Gaga, also known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is a current singers as well as songwriter. She exploded onto the pop music charts in 2008 with songs like “Just Dance” and “Poker Face”. She is extremely popular with teenagers, which helps explains her Facebook popularity as well. Lady Gaga has also become a spokesperson for Gay and Lesbian equality as well as many other causes. She uses her Facebook to help promote those causes.
4. The fourth most popular Facebook celebrity is Shakira with just under 50 million fans. Shakira was born in the South American country of Colombia, and has become a pop culture icon in both the English and Latino cultures. This ability to produce music that is sold in English and Spanish has created quite a large following of followers. Shakira uses her Facebook to post her daily moods, events, and upcoming charity events.
5. The fifth most liked celebrity on Facebook is Cristiano Ronaldo with almost 43 million fans. Ronaldo is a Portuguese born soccer player who plays for Real Madrid of the La Liga. Ronaldo is adored by millions for his brand of football play, as well as his good looks. Ronaldo uses his Facebook status to post articles about Real Madrid, as well as thank his fans for showing up to games to support he and his team.
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