Tipping is more than just something nice to do; it’s an essential part of life. Many people think tipping isn’t necessary, but the truth is that a lot of people depend on it.

Eating out in Chicago will give you many opportunities to exercise your tipping muscles, and you’ll need to be prepared to tip wherever you go.

Here are five common myths about tipping:

1. Tipping isn’t necessary

Most service personnel earn wages, right? The sad truth is that most service personnel earn far below minimum wage, so their tips are necessary to help them earn a decent salary.

For example, some servers earn just $2.50 to $4.00 per hour as salary, but their tips make it possible for them to earn as much as $8 to $10 per hour, or more — depending on how busy it is.

2. Tipping delivery drivers isn’t necessary

Many restaurants charge a delivery fee, but the driver receives only a portion of that fee. The restaurant will cover the driver’s expenses (gas, vehicle insurance, etc.) from that fee, and some will go toward the driver’s earnings.

Many delivery drivers depend on tips, so it’s only fair to hand them a gratuity.

3. Tipping only reflects the quality of service

While a good tip should be given for quality service, a minimum tip is expected for service personnel.

Taxi drivers may only earn a portion of what you’re charged for your fare, but tipping them for a speedy trip is just good manners. You’re not sending a message by tipping poorly; you’re just annoying the wait staff or taxi driver.

4. You should leave the cash tip on the table

This is common practice, but the truth is that many unscrupulous employees have been known to pocket another server’s tips. If you are going to tip your server, always try to make sure the tip gets into his or her hands … or at the very least into the bill book your server will pick up.

5. Certain jobs aren’t worth a tip

This is also a common myth, but the truth is that any job that provides you a service is worth your tip. If someone drives you around, carries your bags, serves you food, or delivers your mail, it’s worth tipping them so they do the job well. It’s also just the nice thing to do!

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