The Top 5 Most Awkward Greetings

awkward universe

The Campus Socialite has teamed up with, to bring you the most awkward situations and predicaments known to man. These guys are hysterical and we will be publishing their “Awkward” content right here, exclusively on The Campus Socialite. Today’s list is the Top 5 Awkward Greetings with branded images for each horrible display of awkwardness. Check out the pictures, laugh, and click on the images to rate their awkwardness on Enjoy, Socialites, and follow Awkward Universe on Facebook and Twitter. On to the awkwardness.

The Apology Greeting

awkward apology

The Escalator Encounter

awkard escalator

The Forever Handshake

awkward handshake

The Wet Handshake

awkward wet

The Zany Stranger Hello

awkward hello

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